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I am just as surprised as the next 30 year old boomer to have found myself on Tiktok, but alas... It was late one night and I was scrolling TikTok when I came across the teaser release for Russ's new song "Nasty" featuring lyrics like "spank me" and "good girl". I mean the beat was good and the lyrics were definitely thought provoking, if you will; but what caught my attention was a reference to #BookTok in one of his posts about the then soon-to-be-released single. Hours of Tiktok research later and I was texting my sister in Arizona "there's a new series we have to read and it might be a porno, not sure but I need a reading buddy." While I didn't know the name or author of the books at the time, I found a first and last name for the fictional main character that #BookTok creators are going crazy for, superimposing his likeness to the lyrics of Russ's "Nasty". With the identity of the antagonist, Torrie and I found and ordered our copies and dove right in. Admittedly, I never read "50 Shades" but I am a big supporter of when in need of inspiration, so I felt confident being exposed to racier content.

"The Fine Print" is the first installment of the Dreamland Billionaires series originally self published by Lauren Asher in 2021. The story begins with the death of a patriarch and stipulations for the inheritance of the family company among the youngest generation of sons. Set against the backdrop of a large-scale theme park in Florida (a la Disney World), the main characters struggle with sexual tension and power dynamics in the workspace. We've only made it through the first couple dozen chapters and Torrie and I both agree that although the plot may be predictable at times, the reading is easy and compelling and showcases a strong non-white lead female character. There have not been an overwhelming amount of sex scenes and they aren't too juicy, but juicy enough to spark some of my own creativity (wink, wink). The chapters are short and narrative perspective alternates between the male and female, keeping the story interesting and light, even if some of the dialogue can be too leading at times. I would recommend this book for a nice private spa read, unless of course you don't mind blushing in public. We are still thumbing our way through this novel with a few theories of our own so stay tuned for an updated recap on "The Fine Print" by Lauren Asher.





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